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Increased mobility and international families are two of the famous outcomes of globalisation. That is to say, spouses may near from different countries, they may have relocated abroad and they may have assets in more than one country. As a result, if an international marriage collapses then more than one jurisdiction will have the power to deal with the divorce. Therefore, international couples may settle the country where their divorce will grasp plot.

Apart from the correct dissolution of the marriage, a divorce includes other relevant parameters as well, such as financial arrangements, maintenance after divorce and division of assets. The financial settlement, as well as other arrangements, are correlated with the laws of the country where the divorce is issued. Usually, international couples consume into consideration the aforementioned criteria before choosing a jurisdiction for their divorce. In order to evaluate all the available options, it is significant to consult a professional family lawyer. Nevertheless, any good advice should be taken before the inaugurate of any factual proceeding.

As it has been explained above, selecting the apt country in which to file a divorce petition may have a enormous impact on issues related to financial arrangements. Among the main aspects that need to be taken into story while choosing where you will file a divorce petition are:

– Financial Arrangements;

– Divorce proceedings and good cost in each country;

– The available injunctions for asset protection;

– The grounds for divorce;

– Parental care;

Some much advantages of Cyprus as a jurisdiction for divorce:


The parties must have lived in Cyprus for at least three months before filing a divorce application, regardless of nationality.

Financial Arrangements:

Divorce in Cyprus embeds only the dissolution of a marriage. Matters related to division of assets and maintenance after divorce will need to be arranged by separate applications.

Division of Assets:

A essential advantage of choosing Cyprus as a jurisdiction for divorce is that property accumulated prior to marriage is NOT taken into consideration when calculating assets accumulated during the marriage. In other words, marriage does not affect the proprietary independence of each spouse.

Nevertheless, the provisions of the -Law Regulating Property Relations of Spouses- (232/1991) . point out that if the property of one spouse has been increased during the marriage and the other spouse contributed; then the other spouse may claim the share of the property that has been increased due to his/her contribution. Usually, the contribution will be assumed to be 1/3 of the increase unless a larger or smaller contribution is proved.

Maintenance after divorce:

There is no doubt that marital life creates a right relationship on which one of the spouses may rely and claim maintenance after divorce. According to part 5 of Law 232/1991, the ancient spouse can apply for maintenance only if he/she cannot back him/herself financially and/or he/she is unable to work due to health problems or other obstacles.

Another grand advantage of choosing Cyprus as a jurisdiction for divorce is that the maintenance order can be shrimp or terminated if:

– This is imposed by serious reasons;

– The duration of the marriage was very short;

– The claimant voluntarily caused his/her poverty;

– The dissolution of the marriage was caused due to claimant-s fault;

Moreover, the maintenance order is terminated if:

– The beneficiary remarries or he/she cohabits with someone else in a originate of free union;

– One of the parties dies;

– The order is annulled by the Court;

Contact a professional lawyer and decide jurisdiction:

In the case of cross-border divorces, a professional family lawyer will assess all the available options and befriend international couples to resolve jurisdiction.

Family and Divorce Law – Need Practical proper Solutions

Family and Divorce Law is all about right separation of husband and wife. And recent law firms have been offering practical honest solutions for individuals and families.

Federal government in Canada sets the family & divorce law which is applied fully and equally all parts of Canada. This article will support you to come by some useful information related with the said law and practical solutions which unique law firms have been offering to individuals.

Divorces originate with application

An application is given to the court and this is the beginning of the divorce. The application is all about making it sure that there has been a breakdown of marriage and required to consume Divorce Act. The application explains several things including the station where marriage took residence, children, and custody of the children, paying for child help, grounds or reasons of divorce and grand more.

It also includes the detail of family property. Certified copies of birth certificates and marriage certificate are also attached with the application.

Claim for support

Corollary relief or claim for befriend may be for the spouse or/and children. Claims for the custody of children also approach under the same. As per the law, it is asked to prepare a financial statement explaining details of family’s monthly expenses.

Once the application is contested, hearing for the case is scheduled and both the parties as per Family & Divorce Law are cross-examined by their respective lawyers. This is the dwelling where professional law firms play an indispensable role.

This is the fact professional law firms with personal injury lawyer, etc, offer practical honest solutions to their clients for Family Law.

Family law matters

Family & Divorce Law involves several things along with divorce of the couple. Considering this, the firms withhold fable of working on behalf of clients for family matters including separation agreements, Cohabitation agreements, Co-ownership agreements, prenuptial agreements, Division of assets and Property transfers.

Custom solutions

Considering different family location, the firms are known to offer custom correct solutions to tailor the services as per the specific need s of clients. In-depth familiarity with court and thorough knowledge on trial processes of Family Law helps the firms in serving the clients properly.

Cost sensitivity

Other than disagreement in site, budget of individuals also vary. And the firms are responsible to offer their professional and ideal upright solutions with cost sensitivity. They believe the budget during the representation of clients for court proceedings, collaborative divorce, etc.

The fact is hiring a knowledgeable lawyer by taking relieve of professional law firms can assist one to accept ideal solution for Family & Divorce Law.

The Many Complications of Having Divorce

Divorce is the dissolution or termination of marriage and all apt duties and responsibilities that it covers. This allows a couple to legally separate, although not formally changing their marital statuses to single. Some cases of divorce are decided upon easily, while others rob years. The length of the process is caused by complications in other aspects, including spousal aid, child custody and encourage, distribution of property and liabilities.

Spousal succor is a typical shriek in the event of a divorce. Although marital union, along with all moral obligations by spouses to one another, is terminated, some obligations are not considered mainly under marital union. In fact, upon marriage, a spouse vows to abet the other even after separation. This has to be definite and decided upon by the court. Any of the spouses is subject to spousal wait on.

Child custody is only applicable to separating spouses with child/children. The court has to resolve on which parent children should go with or which will be given custody over them. The Family Law sets conditions for this disclose, which the court shall believe in deciding. Lawyers in mountainous states like Utah give emphasis to child custody as children are initially affected by divorce.

Child wait on is a separate exclaim to determine in a divorce case. Like spousal encourage, children need aid from both parents until a definite age definite by the law. The court shall decide the right amount to be provided periodically according to the totaled basic needs of the child, including education, food and shelter. A divorce attorney utah representing the spouse in custody may point to computations of probable expenses, which the court may assume.

On the other hand, not all issues arising from a divorce case is resolved by judicial decree. Distribution of property and liabilities, for example can be agreed upon by the spouses privately or through a property settlement with a mediator. A divorce attorney utah can demonstrate factors, such as duration of marriage and antenuptial agreement between parties, to relieve decisions for property and liability distribution.

Divorce can be categorized according to its grounds. If battery of one spouse to the other is identified as the main ground, divorce only follows positive criminal case that the victim can file. He/she may hire a criminal lawyer utah for that and a divorce attorney to determine everything upon the court’s decision on the first case.